Friday, March 27, 2009

Trust Me...Not Just Another Blog

No... Not Just Another Blog.

No...Not another pundit waxing about that which she knows nothing.

P.R. Sidebars is a weekly comment from, well, me, Deana Bass.  I'm the President of CS Corporate a Washington, DC based public relations firm.  

Public Relations for Small Businesses is the thing that gets me going...I don't know how this came to be.  I've had some pretty interesting jobs a press secretary on capital hill, executive director of a small DC based think tank.  I even worked as an extras casting agent.  (Yeah, I didn't know they actually cast those random people walking down the street behind the stars either).

Out of every job that I've ever had, the thing that I enjoy most is owning my own business.  And my business is to get you and your company noticed.  I LOVE DOING THAT!  

Owning your own business is terrifying and exciting in one breath!

I hope to help take a bit of the terror out of the endeavor by giving small business owners tips on earning FREE PRESS and winning the loyalty of a whole crop of new customers!

Once a week (maybe more, but never less) I will share the latest, coolest ideas in public relations tools to help small business owners nab their piece of the proverbial pie.