Thursday, April 2, 2009

Recession Era Public Relations (RPR!)

Have you noticed how commercials are using the fact that you're flat broke as a way to encourage you to spend what little money you have left.  Some of the ads are subtle - Sprint CEO Dan Hesse tells you that their plan is "right for these times."  Others clobber you over the head with a sledge hammer - Dominos Pizza CEO Dave Brandon dawns a pizza delivery uniform and delivers "bail out deals."
The interesting point about this new recession genre of PR (We'll call it RPR) is that it's encouraging the big boys to do what small business owners have done since the dawn of the bube tube.

The Chief Executive Officer is front and center asking for the trust of customers and potential customers.

Think about it.  The small businesses in your region that are successful  more than likely have the owner as spokesperson.  Car dealers, carpet retailers, mom & pop restaurant owners, the commercials tend to be rather cheesy but they get you in the store because ultimately, you do trust them.

The PR Sidebar: Don't be afraid to put your name out there.  If it's your product - if  it's your service, putting your mug on the label or your name on the dotted line may not be such a bad marketing move.

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