Saturday, June 20, 2009

TV DAD’s – Branding Gone Negative

Over the last 50 years, the Dad Brand has taken a licking.  We’ve quite literally gone from Father Knows Best to Raising Dad. If you think I’m being a bit over the top, just analyze the family structure of your top five favorite situation comedies or dramas.  I’m sure that four out of five have a less than positive image of Dad.  Dad is a clueless, inept, and bumbling idiot at best and cheating, beating, boozer at worst. 

Gone are the days when TV Dad’s provided for the needs of their family, coached the little league team and dispensed sound advice.  I know that Dads in real life were never the perfect models of our TV Dad’s, but it at least it gave them something for which to strive.  

As we celebrate Father's Day Weekend, I'd like to salute the brands of some perfect and perfectly imperfect dads.

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