Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Significance of a Symbol

i love studying has a great crop of logos from the 2008 competition.  cs corporate's logo is a simple dragonfly encompassed in a circle.  our branding and logo is so important that we NEVER leave home without wearing a dragonfly necklace or broach.  (notice even at my nephew's pee wee football game, i'm wearing my dragonfly.)

we chose it because like the dragonfly, we are "butterflies with attitude..."  to learn more about the significance of our symbol check out our website and read the logo story.  

below are some of the wolda logos that i love for their complex SIMPLICITY.

"les films de la-bas" - a swiss film company - there current project focuses on african immigrants in france...

"the dream catchers"  - a company that shoots wedding videos

"Neo Tokyo" -  an exhibition of contemporary Japanese electronic art. The logo represents a fusion between technology, nature and the artists.

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