Sunday, October 11, 2009

Remember the Pink Pig at Rich's In Atlanta?

Do any of you remember the Pink Pig at Rich's in Atlanta?  People (like my mom) still get nostalgic when you talk about the pink pig.  I'm not sure if it's still there.  I don't think the pig was the official logo or brand of Rich's, but it certainly became synonymous with chain.  

In my hometown Columbus, Georgia, "Kady the Cow," can stir up as much emotion as the Rich's Pink Pig.  As a child growing up Kady stood like a mystical guardian in front of the Kinnett Dairy building.  When Kinnett moved away, she remained a fixture in front of the newly built Best Buy store.  I don't know what the Best Buy owners thought of the gigantic Dairy Godmother standing quite literally in their front yard.  But their only choice was to keep her there.
Removing Kady from her spot overlooking the city would have caused outrage and protest and certainly would have lost the retail chain favor among Columbus residents. 

Shortly after the Best Buy store opened a calf mysteriously appeared next to Kady.  The calf was given the name Bebe (short for Best Buy). 

Now that's managing the brand and perfecting relations with your public at its best!

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  1. Sister Dear,
    I think you are mistaken...isn't the Pink Pig a Macy's Brand?